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I need to win something!

I’ve decided that as part of my 39 things, I need to enter some contests… if you think of anything I should enter, let me know!  This could be fun!


About rlynnbaker

I am a mom and wife. I am also Youth Services Specialist at a Public Library, and am currently working on my Master's in Library and Information Science. I am a book author (The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking with Children-- and others to come). I was a preschool and kindergarten teacher in a previous professional life. I have also been the coordinator for craft classes, and have taught professional development based on crafting in the classroom. My Picture Book Crafts blog connects all the things I have ever loved, and all the things that I love now. My 39 Things blog is documentation of my journey to the age of 40. Lots of things and people I am blessed with in my life. Approaching 40 next year... this is my journey of 39 things I swore I'd never do. Help me out with ideas as I document the next year.

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